Pe unde ma duc pasii... Fly like a leaf in the wind...

sâmbătă, 30 ianuarie 2010

CARPE DIEM, GUYS! you'll never know...

" i ask you tonight, what are you waiting for? why are you not being everything you can be right now...i know you've heard 1000 times you only get one life, but let me rephrase it for you in a way that will make more sense, you're gonna die, sometime, somehow...please take it from a girl who's already half angel DO N...OT WAIT... "

- Gabrielle BoulianeThe movie it is from 5 dec. 2009

She died last night, at 44 years, brain cancer!!!!!!

miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2010

miercuri, 13 ianuarie 2010

VESELIE LA ACAPULCO!!!! Va mai amintiti?

Ehhhh, eu am avut un motiv foarte intemeiat sa-mi amintesc :prietena mea Aculina pleaca la Acapulcoooo!!!
Fericito!!!!!!!!Te invidiez!

Cat despre noi, ne delectam cu filmul!